Getting Started With Investing

Financial risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

As Warren Buffet famously said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” So what other options do you have to prepare for your investing journey if you aren’t ready to invest today?

Well, you can practice investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies with TradeDuel.

It’s not like all the other complex, boring portfolio simulators that you can find on the market today – ThinkorSwim, Investopedia, or Marketwatch, just to name a few. 

TradeDuel was built with YOU in mind. We offer a fun, interactive gaming experience that helps you get started with investing. Our interface is really simple, easy to use and is intended to wash away all the complexity of investing. We want to help the every day person learn about the markets. Let us help you get started. 

TradeDuel combines the fun contest experiences of fantasy sports and eSports and introduces it to finance. You can connect and compete against other people from all around the world to see who can build the best portfolio over a set time period. It’s cool and free to use, so you can practice and build your skills without putting real money on the line. 

We keep track of your performance including your contest stats and trading stats so you can build your own brand and see how you have improved over time [coming soon]. When a game is over you can peek at other people’s trades and see what the top players did to win. TradeDuel also generates a proprietary trending list that updates every 10 minutes, giving you access to some of the hottest ideas in the market.

The best part is you earn Rewards you just for participating! That’s right, folks. Earn cash and coins just for learning, practicing and participating in the market.

Our goals with TradeDuel are two fold. One is to improve accessibility with financial markets. Why? Because it is extremely expensive, difficult and confusing to get started. The second is to increase participation and awareness of cryptocurrency across millennials and women. Based on a survey conducted by Post Bank, over 50% of millennials believe cryptocurrency is a legitimate asset class to retire with yet only a smidge of millennials and women currently invest, and this needs to change. 

For cryptocurrency markets to become main stream retail investors need to increase their familiarity and trust with how this market functions and moves, and our platform and brand can be that bridge for you.  As you use TradeDuel to practice, learn and become comfortable, participation and adoption of crypto markets will improve, and eventually the markets will become more stable. This is better for everyone over the long run and it will make the cryptocurrency asset class much more appealing. 

Check out the TradeDuel app – it is available on iOS and Android, and the web.

We are very focused on our customers. We take your opinions  seriously, so we can encourage you to leave us some feedback on what’s working, what isn’t working what else you’d like to get out of the TradeDuel experience.  You can contact customer support directly through the platform, email us at support@tradeduel.finance and follow / interact with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Happy Trading!

Ronnie Silletti
CEO of TradeDuel

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