Earn The Most Playing TradeDuel

Earn Money Playing TradeDuel – 7 Tips & Tricks

Today, I want to give you some tips and tricks to help you earn money playing TradeDuel:

1. Buy TradeDuel Coins, at least once

A player that buys coins receives benefits such as free coins from time to time, exclusive sales on future coin purchases, and discounts in the TradeDuel Rewards Store. These benefits make even the smallest coin pack a worthwhile purchase.

2. Use Cash Boost

Cash boost gives you a real advantage in a TradeDuel contest. If your opponent is trading with $100,000 in the contest and you are trading with $200,000 or $500,000, then you have an opportunity to make larger net returns which can help you win. It works similar to margin in real trading where you borrow money from your trading platform to give yourself more cash to trade with in hopes of accumulating higher returns with your trades.

Trader A starts with $100,000 in virtual cash to trade with, and puts 100% of his portfolio in Apple. Apple returns 5% by the time the contest ends and Trader A finishes the contest with a 5% gain.

In the same contest, Trader B buys $200,000 of cash boost and starts with $300,000 in virtual cash to trade with. Trader B puts 100% of her portfolio in Apple. Apple returns 5% by the time the contest ends, and Trader B finishes the contest with a 15% gain.

When you go into TradeDuel pay attention to the “fire” button in the top left corner.

If you select it, it will bring you to the screen below where you can use cash boost to add more virtual cash to your portfolio. You spend TradeDuel coins to get more cash boost.

In this case, I added $100,000 more virtual cash to my portfolio by spending 32 coins.

3. Build a log-in streak

The longer your login streak the more coins you can earn. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

4. Daily Activity

You earn bonus coins for:
– Making a daily trade
– Ending a contest with a profit
– Making a profitable trade

You can check your daily activity status under “Free Coins” on the home screen:

5. Take advantage of the referral program

Invite people who you think will like TradeDuel. You can find your invite link under “Free Coins” on the home screen:

Think about your friends who:
– Currently invest in stocks and cryptocurrency
– Want to learn how to invest in stocks and cryptocurrency
– Love competing in contests for prizes (fantasy sports, eSports, trivia, poker, etc.)
– Simply have fun gaming
– Have a large social media following

If you refer a friend, you earn free cash or coins every time your friend plays a game or buys some coins.  The more they play, the more you earn.  A few conversations can go a long way, and once we start offering premium subscription services, which are coming soon, the referral benefits become even greater so set yourself up for success now.

6. Play multiple contests at the same time

TradeDuel offers contests of various content, size and time duration. Some contests are really fast (minutes or hours) while some can take longer (days, weeks, etc.,) depending on the promotion.  It’s worthwhile to play multiple contests at once so you earn more Reward Points, and you can learn faster by testing different investment ideas at the same time. With a variety of different contests, you can also test and see which contest structures suit you the best.

7. Trending list

The trending list is really useful to help you learn and explore hot/cold stocks and cryptocurrency. We have a scanner that updates our lists constantly, giving traders up to the minute trends. Select from Daily Gainers, Daily Losers, Intra-day Winners, Intra-day Losers, Unusual Movers, and Most Volatile.

It’s also a useful tool to explore and learn about new companies. TradeDuel provides charts, corporate information and news on every company.

I am confident that if you follow the suggestions above you can get a lot of value out of TradeDuel.

Happy Trading!

Ronnie Silletti
CEO TradeDuel

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