Privacy Policy

TradeDuel “Virtual” Portfolio

– All trades are simulated and do not represent an actual purchase/sale of security or real market transaction. TradeDuel does not broker real securities as a result of trading actions in a game, or for any reason.
– All simulated trades are synced with the user’s action, and “clear” at the aggregated market price of each stock or cryptocurrency, when that data becomes available to TradeDuel, by upstream data providers.
– Simulated trades always clear at aggregated market value recorded at or after the user submits their order.
– Market data is aggregated and delayed. Each game, stock exchange, or data provider, may have different delays and aggregation resolutions.  For example, intraday North American equities may become available after a 15 minute delay, aggregated at a 5-second or 1-minute time resolution.  Some games may be closer to real-time.
– Automatic liquidation. Delisted or low-liquidity stocks or cryptocurrency may be automatically liquidated from a virtual portfolio at their final closing price, or at a value of zero, if the final closing price is unavailable.
– Financial data differs from provider to provider. TradeDuel market data may not exactly match other websites, due to the processing and sourcing algorithms of TradeDuel’s upstream data providers.
– Splits and Dividends are simulated. TradeDuel simulates splits and dividends based on corporate actions data provided by upstream data providers. TradeDuel may miss a corporate action, in the event that the upstream provider fails to deliver it on time, and this may affect the outcome of a game. TradeDuel may process the corporate action ex post facto, when the data becomes available, and this may or may not correct the outcome of the game.
– Waiver of liability. TradeDuel may process an erroneous game outcome, if upstream data providers fail to deliver accurate data on time. TradeDuel reserves the right to correct the outcome of a game after it completes.  In the process of a correction, prize winnings may be reclaimed from user accounts and redistributed as per the corrected rankings.
– A user can buy more virtual cash using TradeDuel coins for each individual virtual portfolio in each contest. This additional virtual cash can be used to place additional trades in your virtual portfolio, however, the final portfolio return is calculated based on your total return compared to your starting virtual portfolio balance in the game.
– Virtual trades entered after the market closes will be recorded as of the opening price the next business day.
– When a user places a new BUY trade, the corresponding amount of virtual portfolio cash is removed from their account and the remaining virtual cash  becomes “unallocated capital.” The amount of unallocated capital available to place virtual trades is calculated automatically and users cannot utilize more than this amount to place new trades.
– At times, trade/transaction pricing and/or quotations may not exactly correspond to other updates or services available outside the game due to processing, third party data feed timing,  or other factors. In the event of any discrepancy, the pricing in the TradeDuel contest will govern.

Contest Term
TradeDuel offers contests of varying duration, EX: one day, two days, one week, one month or three  months. Prior to entering any contest, it is the User’ responsibility to verify and accept the duration of the contest.

– TradeDuel offers games with coin prizes, cash prizes and occasional, promotional, free to enter games with cash prizes
– There will be one (1) Rewards Store available to Participants.  It will be available within the TradeDuel Web App. Sponsor will provide some exclusive content in the Rewards Store. Participants may redeem Reward Points for cash or merchandise through the Rewards Store.
– A Participant may begin using Reward Points  from a Rewards Store at any time when they have accrued sufficient Points to cover the point value of the selected item.
– To redeem points in the Rewards Store, follow the links and instructions to browse through the Rewards Store. Once Participant has selected an item from the Rewards store, he or she can can redeem the necessary points by clicking on the “Redeem” button.  Participant will receive confirmation that the transaction was successfully captured and the associated Points will be deducted from his/her Rewards Account.